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The first time I stepped foot inside of my undergraduate business building, I noticed the flashing strip of green and red numbers in the lobby. I was not sure what those numbers were or what the percentages meant. …

How long will it take me to win the lottery?



I grew up in New York where the lottery is a big part of my family’s culture. A refrigerator looks incomplete to me unless there are a few scratch-offs or Mega Million tickets stuck to it. …

What is Alteryx and my thoughts on using it

Aerial view of Paris, France — Source


My coworker a few weeks ago peeped over my cubical wall and said, “Hey, you're going to learn Alteryx.” … Alteryx? I didn’t even know what word that was. After getting him to repeat and spell it out for me, I did some Googling. Upon my googling, I couldn’t find…

The path that lead me to data analytics and lessons learned


My background is in accounting and healthcare consulting. During these experiences, I worked a lot with Excel to manipulate, organize, and calculate metrics from hospital payroll data and cost reports. My days were full of vlookups, pivot tables, macros, powerpoints, and looking through the CMS website.

It was an overall…

Tomokazu Harimoto vs. Koki Niwa ITTF-ATTU Asian Cup 2019


I’m a table tennis fan. I’ve been in the scene for a few years and I keep up with all the major players and tournaments.

I thought that a fun way to practice making dashboards in Google Data Studio would be to visualize a match I watched recently, with my…

Using Linear Optimization in Python’s PuLP


During the MBA, we learned all about predictive modeling techniques using Excel and University of Waikato’s free software, WEKA. We learned the foundational concepts but never ventured into the hard skills required for advanced calculation. After some time studying python, I thought it would be fun to rework one of…

Visualizing Text by Frequency of Words — Economist Style

Image from Wikipedia

This is a simple exercise visualizing my latest issue of The Economist in a word cloud. I wasn’t in the mood to actually read the issue, so I thought this would be a fun way to digest the information quickly.

Table of Contents

  • PDF to Text Conversion
  • Text Preprocessing
  • Word Cloud

PDF to Text Conversion

The first…

An experienced Excel-user’s perspective of SQL and why it’s worth learning.


I have been involved in the data analytics realm for about 3 years. I’ve worked in the field for over 2 years as a healthcare analyst, and I recently finished my MBA with a focus in data science.

During my masters I was particularly interested in predictive modeling techniques using…

Exploratory Analysis, Bag of Words, Logistic Regression



This project outlines a text-mining classification model using bag-of-words and logistic regression. We will attempt to understand the relationship between Uber text reviews and ride ratings. …

Everything you need to know about impurity measurements and information gain



I recently published a project analyzing the performance between logistic regression and random forest. While working on the random forest component, I wanted expand on measures of impurity/information-gain, particularly Gini Index and Entropy. …

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